Vinyl FAQ

What do I need before I start?

A: Getting started is simple! You’ll need an idea for a design (or you can purchase one of our SVG’s in the cut file section). You will also need something to put that design on (t-shirts are very popular).  Then the fun starts. Grab some ImPRESSED Vinyl™ HTV and something to cut it with. The most commonly used cutting machines are the Silhouette® & Cricut® machines. Once you have all your supplies you are ready to start creating. Check out our blog for lots of great tips, tricks and project inspiration

Wait, what is Vinyl?

We specialize in Heat Transfer Vinyl, or HTV, which is a specific kind of vinyl that you cut and press onto different materials or fabrics to create unique designs. Look at your favorite graphic tee; all the lettering and imaging on that tee was put there using HTV. We sell our vinyl in sheets with adhesive backing so that you can cut, weed, and place it on your desired material with ease. Check out our blog for more information on how vinyl is used.

What is the quality of your vinyl?

Here at ImPRESSED Vinyl™ we provide our valued customers with only the highest quality SGS eco-friendly certified HTV. Our vinyl is vibrant, easy-to-weed and extremely durable even after repeat machine washes!

What settings should I use on my machine?

Always refer to your manufacturer suggested settings. Our vinyl is a smooth polyurethane (pu) material.We always recommend a test cut. We have created a thorough Machine Setting Chart for the most commonly used machines for you to reference when choosing a setting.

Does your vinyl come with the transfer film on it?

Yes! Each sheet of vinyl has a clear carrier sheet.

On which side do I cut the HTV?

Our vinyl has a shiny side and a matte side. Always place the HTV on your cutting mat with the shiny side down. The shiny side of the material is the clear carrier sheet. The carrier sheet holds your design in place while applying to your garment. The carrier sheet is not intended to be cut during the cutting process. This is why you always need to mirror your design before cutting. During heat application, the carrier side (shiny side) will be face up on your garment. Remember to place a protective barrier over your design such as a cloth towel or a sheet of Teflon™ to protect your design when applying heat.

So you’ll want to… mirror your image; cut with the shiny side down and iron with the shiny side up. It’s that easy! 

What heat setting should I use?

We always recommend you check your manufacturer’s suggested settings. But for more info, you can refer to our heat setting chart.

Do you have to wait until the vinyl is cool before removing the clear film?

Yes! Our Vinyl is a COLD Peel. After you cut your design and pressed it, you will want to allow the design to cool 60 seconds before peeling off the clear carrier sheet. Removing the carrier sheet to soon (while still warm) may cause the design to stretch or warp.

What are the vinyl colors?

Our color chart including color codes to help you choose the perfect color for your HTV project!