All About Fonts: Preparing Text for HTV

So you’ve come up with a terrific idea in your mind of a project, picked out the perfect colors of heat transfer vinyl, and then you suddenly panic because you need to add text to the design. No need to fear! We’ve got you covered. If you’re using Silhouette Studio as your software program, read on to learn all about using fonts and preparing text to cut perfectly!

Basic Fonts

First, open Silhouette Studio. The text tool is on the left side with an “A.”


Once you click the icon, click anywhere in your working area and begin typing, using the default font.


When the text is selected and has a green box around it, that means it is editable as text. You can put your cursor anywhere inside the letters and add more words or edit what you already was already typed.


To change the font, select the text and go to your font book icon which is located on the right-hand side.


In the Text Style window, you can change the font, size, spacing, alignment, etc. So many options! The fonts listed are ANY fonts that have been downloaded to your computer. As long as the fonts themselves are in your computer hard drive, they will be an option in Silhouette Studio! (Definitely one of my favorite software features!)

If you want to download a new font, you will do that outside of Silhouette Studio. For a MAC, find the font in your downloads folder, then drag it to your Font Book under Applications. Restart Silhouette Studio for the font to be added to Studio. If you are purchasing a font from the Silhouette Design Store, it will automatically download into your fonts folder in your Studio Library.


Welding Text

Now let’s talk about some common mistakes when it comes to fonts. The most common mistake made by crafters is caused by script fonts–where the letters connect together like cursive. For example, see how the “Hello” letters overlap each other?

A lot of people would immediately mirror that word and let it cut. But look at the cut lines…that means each letter will be cutting out of the following letter where everything overlaps. That would give an unfinished and unprofessional look. We don’t want that!


It’s an easy fix…one that will soon become your best friend. We want to create the word, so it’s one continuous shape. Right click on your text and select Weld. 

This will take all the overlapping pieces and make them one continuous piece, like this:

Now you won’t have any cut lines going through your text! There is one downside to the weld function. Once you weld text, it no longer is editable text–it is now a shape. So do not weld until your text is typed up just how you want it. If you try and click on a welded word, you’ll see that you can no longer edit it.


Manipulating Text

One great feature in Silhouette Studio is the ability to manipulate text around shapes. You will need your typed-out text (unwelded) and a shape.

Double-click on your text, and you’ll see a small circle on the bottom left of the selected area. Click and drag the text from that little circle until you are overlapping the shape. The text will see the shape and try to wrap itself around it.

You can move it around the shape as much as you’d like!

The gray bar that is next to the text allows you to maintain the wrapped shape but extend the curve to higher or lower.

Once your text is wrapped around your shape how you want it, right-click the text and select Convert to Path. This will allow the text to stay in its new shape.

Now you can delete the shape, and you have curved text!

As always, be sure to mirror your designs and fonts before sending them to cut. With HTV it is cut on the back side, so mirror your designs. Right-click your design/text and select Flip Horizontally.

Now you can continue to cut as usual and finish your fun project!

We hope that helps you get your feet wet in all the wonderful things you can do with fonts in Silhouette Studio. If you have any questions, let us know, and we’ll do our best to guide you!

Happy Crafting!

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