Creative Ways to Use Heat Transfer Vinyl Scraps

The most common use of heat transfer vinyl is customizing t-shirts, because why pay three times as much for a shirt when you can make your own for way less?! However, once you’re done with a big project, remember to save your scraps! There are so many uses for small scraps of HTV, and we don’t want to waste all that precious material! If you don’t know what to do with all your scraps, read on and gain some inspiration!

First, find a way to store your scraps. Use a bin or box or one of our ImPRESSED Vinyl™ storage envelopes to separate your full sheets from your scraps. That way when you are ready to make an item, check your scraps stash first!

All of these projects use less than half a sheet of HTV to make, so use up those scraps! Did you know that you can cut more than one design at once? Just place your scraps on the cutting mat (shiny side down!) and move your designs in the software to correspond with where the heat transfer vinyl was placed!



Baby Bibs–perfect for baby shower gifts!


Tote bags–great for farmer’s markets or everyday shopping


Home Decor Pillows


Flip Flops–no need to worry about losing your own at the beach!

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Drink Koozies–great for a customized party or BBQ

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Computer Mousepad

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Stuffed Animals–perfect for birthday or Christmas gifts

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Fabric Napkins–great to make for any holiday or dinner party

Tags For Clothing–no excuses for losing jackets at school!

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Outdoor Coasters

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Clutch Purse

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Doll Clothes–surprise your little one with matching outfits!

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Hair Bows–don’t stick to the boring white…add some bling to it!

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When it comes to using heat transfer vinyl, as long as your surface isn’t plastic or won’t melt, chances are you can add HTV to it! The sky is the limit on what you can use for your HTV scraps. Be sure to tag us @impressedvinyl and show us your creations!

Happy Crafting!

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