Kids’ Customizable Trick-or-Treat Tote Bags

Crafting is always a fun adventure, but when you bring kids into the mix, it makes the adventure all the more exciting! I love making projects that my kids can help with, and this heat transfer vinyl trick-or-treat tote bag is perfect for the little ones! You can take any design and make it into a coloring page so your kids can decorate their own bags however they want! Here’s how to do it:


Supplies Needed:

ImPRESSED Vinyl heat transfer vinyl black bundle

-Cutting machine (I use a Silhouette Cameo)

-Teflon sheet

-Home iron or heat press

-Weeding hook or craft tweezers

-Blank tote bag (found at any craft store)


STEP ONE: Prepare The Design In Software

Open your software program (I used Silhouette Studio) and either create your own design or import one. This trick-or-treat design is found in the Silhouette Design Store.

HTV trick-or-treat bag image


In order to make this design into a coloring page of sorts, we need to create an offset line so it makes an outline of the whole design. Click on the offset menu and choose how thick you want your line to be. I like mine pretty small so there’s still plenty of room for the kids to color.

HTV trick-or-treat bag image edit

Now that we have our offset lines, right click and select group. This will group all those different parts together to be just one single design. Now we have a cute design that is coloring-ready!

HTV trick-or-treat bag image group

STEP TWO: Cut Your HTV Design

Because heat transfer material is cut on the back side, we need to mirror our image. Right click on the design and select flip horizontally.

Heat Transfer Vinyl  trick-or-treat bag flip image

Now our image is mirrored and ready to cut!

Heat Transfer Vinyl  trick-or-treat bag ready to cut

Go to the cut settings window and select the material we will be cutting. I chose Heat Transfer, Smooth preset and it works great. Remember to adjust your blade accordingly if you aren’t using the auto blade function on the Silhouette Cameo 3.

Heat Transfer Vinyl  trick-or-treat bag cut window

Place your heat transfer vinyl onto the cutting mat, shiny side DOWN.


Load the cutting mat into the machine and let it get to work!

Heat Transfer Vinyl  trick-or-treat bag cutting HTV

STEP THREE: Weed Your Design

After the design has been cut, it’s time to weed. Start at a corner and peel off the vinyl that is not part of the design.

Heat Transfer Vinyl  trick-or-treat bag weeding design


Use a weeding hook or a pair of craft tweezers and peel out the little insides of the letters.

Continue until the whole design has been weeded.

STEP FOUR: Iron HTV On To The Tote Bag

After the design has been weeded, it’s time to press! Heat up your iron to cotton settings with no steam. Iron out the wrinkles of the tote bag so that we have a smooth surface to work with.

Heat Transfer Vinyl  trick-or-treat bag iron on

Place the weeded design onto the center of the bag. You can shift it around as much as you’d like until heat is added.

Place a sheet of Teflon over the design and press for 15-20 seconds on each section.

Heat Transfer Vinyl  trick-or-treat bag iron with Teflon

Allow the design to cool at least 1 minute. ImPRESSED Vinyl is a COLD peel heat transferNow gently peel off the clear carrier sheet. If any part of the vinyl starts to peel up, place the carrier sheet and Teflon back down and press for a little longer.

Heat Transfer Vinyl  trick-or-treat bag cold peel transfer sheet

Now we have the perfect coloring surface for those little hands to customize!

Grab your favorite fabric markers, bring in the kids and let them color to their heart’s content!

My little ones love crafting almost as much as I do. It increases their creativity and imagination, so I happily oblige in letting them help. Be sure to tag us @impressedvinyl to show off your creations!

Happy Crafting!

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